The new branch was opened. Address: Demirchi Tower Baku, Azerbaijan Tel: +99412 4888571 Fax: +99412 4888572 Mob: +99455 9795572 E-mail: P.O. Box AZ1025

 All the necessary travel services as hotel reservations, transfer, visas, urgent visas, train tickets (electronic), rent a car and other serices are also offered by our agency.


Here are some more detailed services offered by our agency:


- ticket reservations to all destinations (electronic)

- railway ticket reservations to all destinations (electronic)

- ticket reservations of the cheapest European Airlines (electronic)

- passport and visa support (urgent visas, 24 hours visas)

- relaxation and treatment offers all over the world

- rent a car

- VIP services all over the world

- extreme tours ( flights on Russian «МИГ», formula 1 and others…)


Free ticket delivery in the Baku city.


We are working together with the best and largest German, Spanish, Russian, UK touroperators and can guarantee you our best services on the high level.


We can arrange visa invitation letters to Azerbaijan for your staff from foreign countries in 24 hours for only 125 azn (for European citizens, all other citizens are on request basis, we can agree if you are interested).


Also we can offer you special corporate agreements with Airlines, so you will get promotional fares/discounted rates for all your staff. The discounts are approx. 3-10% of the ticket fares.


For all of our business class clients we are offering special discounts.


Our contact numbers at Demirchi Tower (ground floor) are:


+99412 497 55 71 /    +99455 979 55 71

+99412 497 55 72


+99412 488 85 71    +99455 979 55 72

+99412 488 85 72

            Baş ofis
  Nigar Tahirova
Tourism Manager
  Farhad Tahirov
  Ofelya Veliyeva
Ticketing Agent


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